History of 'Man by a tree'

 In November 2011, I entered the NaNoWriMo writing challenge, to see whether it was possible to put 50,000 words together. Not only was it possible, but some kind of sense came out of it. With 25 days of obsessive writing and many many more cutting and re-writing with the help of members from authonomy.com, here is the product of that work.
This book is a simple - some say easy to read, some say convoluted, though occasionally sardonic and blissfully droll - view of the human condition in the 21st century, with a little help from Neoplatonism, and other such writings

Why 'Man by a tree'?

1. The image of a man by a tree shows loneliness, being alone: there are some scenes in the book where the Main Character is alone with trees.

2. Humankind, after thousands of years of civilization, is still only a step away from their origins in the trees.

3. It is a translation of my original family name from my original ancestral place.

4. And there is, of course, the obvious reason, if you have a copy in your hand, that is.

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