Characters of the books

In all 3 books...

God - He's the man in charge, 'up above'. He knows all, sees all. He's not as stupid as he seems.

Satan - Lord and master of 'down below', banished from 'up above' many years ago, all he wants is to be No.1!

Michael - Once a great angel with his sword in hand, now he's the owner of a dangerous clipboard.

Kailen - Lord over all hobgoblins. He also has hopes and desires.

In 2 books...

Graham Reader (1+2) (Grim Reaper) - Once shepherd, now Mr. Death, he's been worn down by over 2000 years of picking up souls. To put it bluntly, he doesn't enjoy his job anymore. 

Lucifer (1+2) - Satan's side kick, loves himself. That's why God threw him out of 'up above', too much pride.
Sniff & Grint (1+2)
- Two of the laziest and stupidest hobgoblins you'll ever (not) meet. (Grint has a bit part in 'The Bethlehem Fiasco'-  see if you can spot him :-))

Drukan (2+3) - the 'newboy' hobgoblin who turned into 'the little man' with special powers

Man by a tree only...

Jerry (Jeremiel) - Friend of Graham's a bit of a wayward angel. Michael hates him.

Doug - A down-and-out muso, looking for his 'Big Break'. Will he find it?

Sarah - Actually, who is she?

The Bethlehem Fiasco only...

Jesus - the man himself, confused, but has a big heart

John the Baptist - wanna be baptised? It'll cost ya

Gaspar  - a criminal mastermind, once mistaken for a wise man

Pilate - the Roman Prefect of Judea

Herod & his son, Antipas - Two of the craziest rulers...ever

Caiaphas - the High Priest of Judea

Bassus - lower priest

And loads more...:-)

The Rage of Atlantis only...

Sipho - a not-so-great High Chief of Security for Atlantis

Kang Dee - Sipho's female dolphin sidekick

Oediouspelus - a greedy leader of Atlantis

Plagamus - an evil leader of Atlantis

the Auditor - a cheating draughts-playing Death statistician

Gabriel - a not-so-great clever angel

Iolus - the evil guys' inside man

Audrey - God's long-suffering personal assistant

And loads loads more :-)

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