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"Sharp, dark and sardonic are rarely found wrapped in a single package on this site. Your book has managed the trinity." Greg Levin (Notes on an Orange Burial)

"Have very much enjoyed what I've read so far..." James Lark (More Tea, Jesus?)

"a damned good tale." "Reads very well!" Fred Nath (The Cyclist)

“a crazy, mixed up, hysterically weird concept… wow...well done” AuroraNemesis
“very imaginative, creative and funny” Fr. Ambrose (Anglican Priest)
”clever subtle humour.” Daniel Manning
“quirky, offbeat humour. Original and talented. Should be in the shops.” Fran Macilvey
“I would walk to the shops tomorrow and buy this, if I could.” Dave Tarragon

“It is mysterious and that grabs a reader” burtont73  (Tina Burton)
 “original…really fantastic” Dianna Lanser
“delightfully quirky…original… I haven’t read anything like this before…” ozhm (Helen Meikle)
“Your story is funny and ingenious, your writing clean and visual, and above all polished” Aesop
“I have to say; what a superbly originally fantastic piece of writing. It’s as though someone put a rocket up Terry Pratchett’s derriere and then fired him into a drunken Adams. Captivating, humorous, easy-to-read and thought provoking... And there’s clearly some very deep latent messages here about us mere mortals.” J. Owen

 “…inventive and unpredictable. Nice work!”  vmorr
“Great comic writing.” Mark Kirkbridge
“I've fallen in love…”Bryn Hammond
“Great stuff!” Emsbabee
“…a fantastic read” Scott Toney
 “Very funny!” Sue50
“Original, ironic, sardonic, witty and wacky; a great read. I enjoyed this very much.” Colin Neville
 “Very inventive and unique.” PA Davies
 “…it's good fun. It made me laugh” Candymace
“biting wit and irreverence… so many great images here” turnerpage
“…it's great stuff. Very droll in places... blissfully so.” Sandie Zand
“…well-written story…great word choice… different textures… voice is great… pull the reader into the story…” Auna June
“Humourous writing, great inventive plot. All the elements of a classic (Graham Reader, indeed!). Fantastic stuff, Dani, keep it up!” Jack Hughes
“Clever, entertaining and well-written. A winner!” Richard Allen
“I think this could be a seller.” Inspectorrick
 “Well written and completely believable… I loved to read it.” the dragon flies (Peter)
“solemn, descriptive and dark… liked the interspersed action between the dialogue” MIRO1K
 “This is bloody good stuff. The writing is wonderful and the narrative flows. Utterly not my usual sort of thing but I was gripped. Weird, wonderful and thick with detail - loved it.” Shielab
 “This has enormous humourous potential” Warrick
“This is a wild story… Dramatic beginning… interesting….It’s a funny, enjoyable read.” Wanttobeawriter
 “a damned good tale.” “Reads very well!” Fred Le Grand
“I think this could easily be picked up by a publisher or agent!” Noelle J. Alabaster
“I laughed out loud… You’re teasing me…” AudreyB
”it looks good!” scoz512 (Sara)
“Well written story”  earthlover (Georgia)
“Excellent… Very impressed.” Whoster (Peter Turner)
 “I would buy this book” The Writer0202
“…a nice hook… well written… intriguing… seems to be very original and I think it could go far  ” a.morrison712
 “There's an interesting premise here, and a mix of absurd and dry humour that has potential ” JD Revene
“…a great premise and a really interesting MC…it's got real potential.” Gordon Long
“This is interesting…”Lulie
“…definitely original…probably best to be light hearted about the subject of death. You hit it on the nail!” D.S. Hale
“Well written and completely believable… I loved to read it.” the dragon flies (Peter)
 “unique”, “a well paced story”, “a lovely touch of humour”, “easy to read”  L_MC
“it has many strong points.” Nightdream
“…a really good read… a very good sense of humor…has a way of sucking the reader in…”  DAwGi
“some well constructed and atmospheric prose… I believe you really could be onto something here… A witty and quite different take” Rob1969
“…imaginative and visual… wish i could hold it in my hands as a proper book… You weave a complex storyline and heck it's a rollercoaster and a devilish romp at that.” writerchick11
“I'm won. I'm charmed. I'll be back, and that's a promise.” Bryn Hammond
“a great improvement - I read to the end… You've done a good job tightening things up so kudos.” StaceyM
“you could be on to something… you really do have an ability to infuse humour through the interaction of your characters” Tournesol
“gets away nicely. Lovely description” Neville
“I did read it… and I am interested.” AlastairI
“What an unusual tale :)” RK Summers
 “overall I thought it was amusing and not without charm.” Bev Allen
“ It would be nice to read all of this book someday….I really enjoyed what I've already read.” Orma
“…it's an outstanding start, I'm eager to read the rest of it!” GPanker
“All in all an entertaining read.” MrKarats
 “Interesting start - makes you want to read more” demill
“…well written… it is good, and should do well..” ShadowOfOsiris
“…the ludicrous zone…silly…stupid…” (Now THAT’s a recommendation!) Jay Too (notorious village idiot site critic)

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